« It’s simply the best computer Apple has ever made. » Phil Schiller, head of Marketing for Apple Computer, has not been afraid of superlatives by presenting the new version of the MacBook Pro, sold on Tuesday from HT 2199 dollars (about 1800 euros). The event took place Monday in San Francisco (California).

The « new generation MacBook Pro » is the thinnest (1.8 cm) with a high-end segment of the MacBook, roughly equivalent to the thicker side of ultra-thin MacBook Air, while remaining relatively heavy (more than 2kg). Provided with an ultra high definition « Retina », launched earlier this year with the new model of the iPad tablet.

Apple has now refreshed its entire line of laptops, including MacBook Air.With performance still powerful, the Apple brand seeks to prevent the threat of « ultrabooks » operating mostly under the Microsoft Windows system, which sometimes compete in design and power with its devices. « Everyone tries to copy (the MacBook Air), obviously we discover that it is not so easy, » said Phil Schiller.

The new smallest model of the MacBook Air, with the 11 inches(28 cm) screen and 64 gigabytes hard disc of  storage, is available from 999 dollars and will be in stores Tuesday.