An essential element of which we do not talk enough, water is the base, the base of a healthy diet, it allows the body to function properly. However in most cases we do not drink enough …

Drinking enough helps us keep our physical and mental fitness, helping to eliminate waste from our body and helps hydrate our bodies and our skin.

If we know that most chemical reactions do not occur without some degree of moisture … We therefore understand why water is essential to enable the agency to carry out the huge number of chemical reactions that develop their activity as a living organism, ie its metabolism.

The adult body contains about 60% water which is about 40 liters including 25 liters to 15 liters and the cells outside; 12 liters in the tissue fluids and blood plasma for 3.

It is important that these amounts of water do not vary much because the balance of metabolic reactions would be affected.

An adult who has lost four liters of water is very thirsty, his skin is dry, and fired without elasticity. At this level of loss, and hallucinations may occur if the loss exceeds 8 liters of water can be fatal. So water is essential to life! Besides oxygen, it is this substance which need is soon felt.

The renewal of the water comes from three sources: the oxidation of food, water contained in solid food and especially that which is absorbed by the beverage.

Under normal circumstances, water entry is more than sufficient to offset the minimum water outlets, and the volume between the input and output is refined by precise control of urination.

However if the outputs tend to be higher than the input, the stimulus that is the feeling of thirst lets entries … must satisfy his thirst whenever it is felt as the sensation of thirst in the role of maintain fluid balance.

But if the thirst is a trigger for drinking, loss of sensation does not mean that rehydration is complete. Do not rely completely and never forget: do not wait until thirsty to drink.

It is important to absorb water regularly in small amounts throughout the day rather than drinking only during meals.
During the meal, it is best not to drink more than three glasses of water. In addition, the rate of digestion is slowed.

The water does not change in the metabolic organization and provides no calories. There are two types of beverages: water, the only essential and aromatic drinks, alcoholic or not.
It is much better to quench your thirst with water that désaltérera really and permanently unlike a soda or beer ….

Two kinds of bottled water: The water table may have been treated to be made ​​drinkable, they are like a water tap we could put in a sterile bottle and stored for several months … but they cost much more .

The mineral waters have a mineral content variables. When it is too high (more than 2 grams per liter), water is not really drinking: it is considered as « drug » and must be consumed in small quantities.

Water ally of the figure:

Water is a slimming aid of choice. Certainly it does not lose weight, or prevent growing, contrary to popular belief. It is nevertheless essential to maintain a beautiful silhouette.

Little explanation:

Water is one of the few consumable product, if not only, not to provide any calories.
Water is the best appetite suppressant that is: it provides a feeling of satiety. This sensation is due to fibers that swell with water, and facilitate the transit. The move to adopt: each wanted to snack, drink a few sips of water.

Be careful drinking too much water can also be harmful. The amount of water in one day for an individual can vary depending on the season, the country and physical activity. The sparkling water, rich in salt can also be harmful by causing an excessive salt intake.

As part of a diet, adequate hydration is essential to drain metabolic waste associated with weight loss.

Only alternative to water: Tea; The caffeine is a stimulant, it helps in itself to burn calories, more thanks to the draining properties of tea is helping transit and flatter stomach, less bloated.
Some water, and primarily natural mineral waters, are a source of essential minerals (magnesium, calcium) that are often lacking in the context of a slimming diet.

Women experiencing water retention may be tempted to refrain from drinking for fear of aggravating their problem. Faulty reasoning, because it’s not water that swells, but the salt that retains water. But drinking water helps to remove the salt.
So drink 1.5 liters of water per day and you’ll see the benefits every day, renewed vitality, improved transit, flattens tummy …