Tokyo a few years became the nerve center of fashion. Trends are born now in the streets of the Japanese capital. Indeed, Tokyo is part of the three poles of the fashion world between Los Angeles and London.

We see that more and more stars, both stars of the jet set or internationally known singers will do their shopping in Tokyo. In such a way that some luxury brands now are testing their new concept in Japan, before launching them in the West. Districts like Shibuya or Harajuku give a pretty good overview of how the Japanese appropriated the rules of fashion and make something unique.

It is true that by far one can feel that the trendy youth dressed identically, but it is a mistake. Everyone develops their own style, the difference is in the detail. Indeed, what stands out the way that develops in Tokyo the other, it is this need to customize, personalize each garment Victims What’s fashions.

Moreover, the Japanese are much less confined to a particular style than Europeans. They may be completely different between the weekend and the week. One gets the impression that the fashion world is divided into three geographic locations with each function … Los Angeles is a leader in everything concerning the street wear, London is the place for all the hype creators sharp.

Tokyo seems to be a large laboratory, it contains a rather heterogeneous mix fashion cohabiting and inspire each other, combining luxury, claws Japanese trendy, young designers and new concepts of European luxury brands … bubbly Tokyo …

This emerging fashion can be explained by different factors:      

The Japanese distribution system is extremely well developed and honed.
The very high purchasing power of the Japanese. Indeed Japan is a very special category of women. These are the « offices ladies, » women who work but who fiercely single, stay at home as long as possible. They earn more than 2000 euros a month, say much of pocket money, because they spend nothing for their housing or for food … So they flock to luxury items and everything related to fashion.
Fashion magazines bludgeon their codes and the dictates of fashion. There are over 160, and make fashion an area where we must excel in order to exist.

The Japanese mentality must also be for something. For Japan, people do not give a subject before having thoroughly.
The shops are always at the forefront of creativity and compete to dazzle and customer loyalty. More impeccable hospitality, extremely courteous and respectful that we receive in any store, seduced the Western buyer who is not used!
Moreover, the Japanese in uniform at an early age, which should increase their desire to stand out in the clothing once they are able.
For the Japanese, the appearance is extremely important, it can display rank or social success. But because of their cramped quarters, the Japanese do not get home, so the street is the only place they can « show » …