Starting June 21, there was only one desire: to gorge on salad, so you can slip her swimsuit and melt for the watermelon. For it is part of cucurbit fruit on which we can crack without collateral damage.

With its sweet flavor and very few calories to count, it’s a shame that the watermelon investment stalls in summer premieres. Because our bodies eat well all year. Less daunting than the apple, watermelon is eaten without hunger!

It has fewer calories than red fruit, yet lighter than raspberries, with just 30 kcal per 100g! Watermelon is mainly composed of water, allowing it to be a very interesting source of potassium and trace elements.

And so in addition to being delicious, it covers some of the basic needs of the organization. Its beautiful color is undoubtedly synonymous with Vitamin C by eating a slice of watermelon for around 200g, it covers 25% of its daily requirement of vitamin C.

In addition, vitamins watermelon are protected by the thick shell that forms the green bark of the fruit. Thus, the quality of vitamins is not impaired, and can be found in the flesh of the watermelon a significant amount of carotene (good for the complexion) and antioxidants, which fight against cellular aging.

Watermelon benefit from being taken between meals, because it sits uncomfortably with other foods and their association can generate heartburn. In addition, a course of two days of watermelon can be very useful for cleaning the body and leave on good foundations.

Watermelon is naturally diuretic and depurative. To do it twice a month during the summer, to erase the excesses associated with ice cream, crisps and pink.

In the West we tend to prefer the seedless watermelon. It is a mistake: watermelon-producing countries have long understood that the seeds of the watermelon were rich as such.

Indeed, Africa, the seeds are consumed as a food in itself, because they are very rich in protein, carbohydrates and lipids. In India we mash the watermelon seeds to make flour, China is the grid and eaten like peanuts. And we in Europe are fleeing their seeds multiple virtues …

Attention, the choice of a watermelon is always perilous. No problem if you sliced ​​the offers, you can at a glance evaluate maturity and freshness. The flesh should be red and shiny.

By cons if you buy the entire fruit, it is more complicated. The watermelon should be heavy for its size, the base of the watermelon should be yellow, it is indicating that it is ripe. And ready to eat …